On-Demand Fitness Breaks That Energize and Attract Sponsorship Revenue

Is your event packed with sessions?

Do you ever need to fill program gaps?

Looking to create innovative sponsorship experiences?

Want to make your events more memorable?


X bytesTM are short video fitness breaks that keep attendees alert, energized and entertained at conferences, meetings and training events.

This series of 4-6.5-minute, sweat-free fitness videos integrate easily into the agenda to combat sitting fatigue and learning fatigue. All exercises are easy to follow and done in work clothing at attendees’ seats where there is an added social icebreaker benefit. Videos can be corporate branded. Click here to see how.

Click here to see X bytesTM in action!

Contact us to arrange a preview of X bytesTM, discuss sponsorship experience and how to “fit” X bytesTM into your conferences, meetings or training events.

To purchase a license for X bytesTM videos – or just to chat about your event’s fitness/wellness needs – call 1-855-8xbytes (1-855-892-9837).
NEW! Social Icebreakers are now available to build camaraderie at your events!

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Face Exercises
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Social Icebreakers
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Wellness Bytes
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